A NYFW moment: Tom Ford Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear

I cannot imagine what it would be like to be a full-time blogger. It’s hard enough to maintain the Runway Regime and wonder if I should even keep it since I’ve been neglecting it half the year. Alas, I am setting my procrastination aside and writing about a few things that have happened between now and February.

If you read my last post, I mentioned a few exciting things that were on the horizon. One of them has been a lifestyle change. After a trip to Puerto Vallarta last December, I decided to detox for two months. This involved eliminating dairy, meat, eggs and alcohol (I am not a huge meat eater and today, am borderline vegan). What kickstarted this cleanse was a.) how I was feeling, emotionally and physically and b.) my best friend. I eliminated the foods that were causing me pain and avoided alcohol that’s been the most detrimental agent to my emotional and physical well being.

As for my second reason, one of my very good friends gradually went vegan over a year ago. After losing a significant amount of weight from going vegan, she is filled with an infinite amount of energy and love for life (note: she eats, sleeps, breathes confidence and beauty,  pre and post transformation). She has been extremely aspirational and because of her, I am becoming more aware of the food I eat and knowledgeable about the benefits of a plant based diet. 

Onto fashion news. . .  It’s finally September and that means Fashion Week has begun! The other surprise is I will be in Paris during Paris Fashion Week.  Let me repeat: I WILL BE IN PARIS DURING PARIS FASHION WEEK. My emotions are all over the place and I still cannot believe my biggest dream is coming true.  I’ve been planning this trip since February and just bought tickets to visit a friend in Amsterdam.  My AirBnb is located in Les Marais in the third arrondissement, the sweet spot for street style sightings and fashion mogul gatherings.  I am hoping to spot the Anna Wintours and Adam Katz Sindings on the sidewalks at the Tuileries gardens and maybe take a sneak inside a show. I will share more Paris news and sweet deets as I get closer to my Parisian escape. 

Until then, I’d like to celebrate new beginnings and the start of NYFW with few of my favorite looks from Tom Ford Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear show. I hope you enjoyed this high-level post as I am working towards sharing more content that is fun, chic and fashion forward. 

Au revoir

x R²

Tom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-deliberate-suitingTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-bold-shouldersTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-pop-of-pinkTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-pink-pleaseTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-styleTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-blogTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-black-look-InspirationTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-RegimeTom Ford Spring Summer 2018 Ready to wearTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-black-is-the-new-whiteTom Ford SS2018Tom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wearTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-crop-top-chicTom Ford SS 2018 ShowTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-Gigi-HadidTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-pale-pleasureTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-post-labor-day-must-haveTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-Leather-AppealTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-over-the-shoulder-lookTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-monochromatic-inspiration-NYFWTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-sequenced-dreamsTom-Ford-Spring-Summer-2018-Ready-to-wear-on-the-Runway-Regime-NYFW-muse


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