Gareth Pugh has me musing over stars

Star-Spangled Muse

Gareth Pugh Fall 2016 Ready-T0-Wear

Gareth Pugh Fall 2016 Ready-to-wear - Black kimono jacket and banded neck piece

Gareth Pugh Fall RTW 2016 and the Runway Regime

Gareth Pugh - A-Line beige skirt and peacoat

Gareth Pugh - V neck checker dress with over the elbow gloves

Gareth Pugh - Royal Blue skirt and jacket

Gareth Pugh - Silk blue wrap dress

NYFW, I will meet you one day. For now, I’d like to showcase one of my favorites from this season’s Fall 2016 RTW: Gareth Pugh. Can we just take a moment and digest this one in. . . Okay, now envision present day Jessica Rabbit walking down the runway with her rockabilly curls and half-tint aviator glasses. Pugh showcases this astute female body by revealing a notion of femininity and power that may be, in some cases, suppressed (yes, I am talking about those Hannibal Lecter masks).

What I love most about this collection is the use of color. I love, love, LOVE the royal blue and beige that is seen throughout Pugh’s collection. The single-breasted navajo white overcoat, over-the-elbow camel gloves, and strapless dress brings chills down my spine. And those stars? Yes, please! I think this is a great rendition of patriotism and a way to have fun with pentagonal shapes. Stars aren’t just for the flags; wear them loud and proud.


Ready for some star-spangled inspo? To get this look, I sourced a few pieces that are simple to wear and easy to accessorize (Yes, another skirt; I promise this will change next post!).  It’s all about flow, balance, and adding flair with detail.


Stella McCartney Falabella Star-Print tote



Mock Neck Top
Style Nanda Mock Neck Top



Lauren Camel Leather Skirt



Genuine People Wrap Wool Coat



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